About Us



 In case you didn't know, I am the CEO and designer here at Mekka Swim. I would love to tell you a little bit about myself and the brand. I grew up in South Georgia. If you ever follow my personal Instagram (@meganngilmartin) you can probably tell that from the pictures of my pet peacocks, tractors, and hobbies. Usually you hear the same old, "I've wanted to do this since I was a little girl story". Well that wasn't me. I always found myself day dreaming about life. I may not have known exactly what I wanted to do, but I definitely knew what I didn't want. I didn't want to wake up and have to convince myself every morning to go to a job that didn't light a fire in my heart. I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design (shoutout to the talented, Hope Wallace). I had no direction or plan for myself. The plans I did have took a 180 degree turn. That's life I guess huh? I set off into the world, knowing I wanted to create something I could be proud of. For me, it took years of setbacks, failed plans, moving across the country and back, and waiting tables to discover exactly what I wanted. Let me tell you something, waking up everyday and having to spend all of your time, money, and energy on a "dream" that doesn't exist yet is absolutely grueling. If you make it through that, one day you wake up with something you thought was once impossible. That feeling is pretty indescribable. ANYWAYS, enough about me...let me tell you about the love of my life, Mekka Swim.



Mekka is more than a line of bikinis. It's a brand and a lifestyle. It's enjoying the smallest moments in life and celebrating every tiny victory. If I had one piece of advice for anyone in the world, it's to just keep going. You will have setbacks. You will have moments you feel like nothing is working. There have been a million and one times in life that I have failed at a plan or a goal. Just keep moving forward. Mekka Swim is my inspiration. It is so much more than selling bikinis. It is waking up in the morning and working hard at something I am so in love with everyday. It's sharing that feeling with other people. That is what I strive for.  I want the Mekka brand to motivate people to keep pushing towards whatever it is in life that keeps them above water.

"Mekka Babe"

 She is every woman who loves to sing, dance, and play in the sun. Her favorite moments are those spent with the people she cares for most in the world. She surrounds herself with adventure, but at the end of a long week, knows how to relax. To become a Mekka babe, all you really need is a bikini and the right attitude. #girlpower 

"Where did the name Mekka come from?"

Easy! It is a made up word because I wanted it to have an "M" for Megan and a "K" for my BFFL Kelsey. The best part of the made up name is that it gives the Mekka babes the chance to create the meaning behind it. 

Let me introduce ya'll to my BBF, Kelsey Henjum.



 Besides being the funniest person in the entire world, she's smart. I wouldn't be where I am in life or with Mekka Swim without her. She graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communications and Public Relations. She busts her butt here at Mekka Swim and has that fighter spirit every girl strives to have. 

Fun story: A few years ago, Kelsey and I were floating around in the pool daydreaming. We talked about life, plans, goals, and boys (duh). We were talking about what would be the most amazing job to have if we could do anything in the world. (At the time, we both served people cheeseburgers and beer at Brogens South) We both laughed at the the idea of traveling the world, drinking smoothies with each other and a line of swimwear that we created in our heads. What started as a girls day at the pool, is currently what we wake up to and work at everyday. That in itself is a dream come true. 


So that's our story... Bikinis designed in the south, made to roam the world, for the girls who live fiercely. Let's cheers to all the badass babes out there and to one hell of an adventure.